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Thame Runners Membership Pack

Come along and run with us

If you are interested in running with us, then you are welcome to come along to one of our regular club runs; we often run special Invitation Evenings that are open to any runners. Our Monday Easy Run is normally the best session to start with, but there are other suitable sessions depending on your ability and running goals. Please get in touch with us at

Am I good enough to come along for a training run?

A question often asked by runners who have never run with a club before and not sure if they will be able to keep up with a running club like Thame Runners. Our easiest club run is the Monday night route of 5 miles which we complete within an hour and that includes regular regrouping. As a guideline we suggest that you should be able to maintain at least 12 minute per mile pace for this Monday session.

If you are unsure of your ability, there is now a measured 5km course on the Phoenix Trail starting by Hackett’s Lane by Thame Leisure Centre – it’s where the path behind Thame Leisure Centre joins the running trail. You will see both a wooden sign post on the side and the 0m on the path. If you follow the trail to the 2500m marker (you will see markers on the path every 500m) and then turn back on yourself, check your finish time for the 5000m. If it is 36 minutes or less, then you will be fine to keep up with the Monday night group. If more than 36 minutes, then it may need some extra training to get to a faster level. You can do this on your own and/or by joining our Couch to 5k beginners or the 5-10k Improvers groups who meet up with this purpose in mind.

How much does it cost to join?

The new membership rates are great value for money at only: £37 per annum for single membership, and £64 for joint/family membership. Membership subscriptions are the clubs’ main source of income, so prompt payment is very much appreciated. Please return your completed forms to the Club Membership Secretary; they can be contacted at

To download the application form to join, click below

Are Thame Runners Affiliated to a Governing Body?

Yes, Thame Runners are affiliated to 2 governing bodies: UK Athletics (UKA, affiliation number 2730649) and the Oxfordshire AA (OXONAA). The advantages affiliation are:
1) That Thame Runners will be part of the official UK structure covering the sport that we all love;
2) That the club and all of its members will be covered by a comprehensive third-party liability insurance policy;
3) That any member entering a race will be able to pay the reduced entry fee that applies to members of an affiliated club – usually a saving of £2.

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