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Race Photos

Photos taken by Oxonraces courtesy of Barry Cornelius of the September 2021 race above

Barry plans to take photos again of the 2022 race on 26 June again and post these soon after for you to view and/or download at no cost – as long as you credit him for using the photos in any publication.

If you don’t want Barry to post any pictures of you in the race, we request you put a clear red diagonal line across your race number. We will have red marker pens on the table next to the tent where you collect your race number for this

Special 2022 Competition

Over the years, runners have enjoyed training in their CPM Thame 10km t-shirts around the UK and abroad. How about sharing a photo of you in your shirt (from any Thame 10km year) in an interesting location? Email your photo to by 31 August 2022 and we will post a selection on our website with prizes for a few of the best. Please add your name to your email submission if not clear from your email address.