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Chiltern League XC

Come and take part in this challenging but fun series of 5 races, starting towards the end of the year. The cross country league is hosted across 5 months and 5 venues, with courses being typically 4-5 miles.

We enter a ladies and a mens team, who run in separate races. This is a great opportunity to challenge yourself, but also one of the few chances that you will get to run as a team as the first few crossing the line score points.

Details of the league can be found at

Matches 2021/22

Match 5Saturday 19 February 2022   Shuttleworth College   
Senior MenTimePointsPositionSenior LadiesTimePointsPosition
William Bray32:041094Race Cancelled
Charlie Pughe35:589221
Andrew Gray36:268924
Oliver Newell36:498033
Mark Emmett40:395657
Duncan Green40:425558
Darren Readman49:581499
Match 4Saturday 15 Jan 2022   Campbell Park, Milton Keynes.   
Senior MenTimePointsPositionSenior LadiesTimePointsPosition
William Bray32:0013715Emma Pughe26:058514
Charlie Pughe33:4212923Steph Cook28:416534
Andrew Gray35:2811042Felicity Hindle28:546336
Oliver Newell36:369755Natasha Harrison30:045346
Mark Emmett39:376785Hayley Parry33:393465
Duncan Green40:5551101Sarah Fish34:342673
Adrian Parry43:3536116
John Gulliver43:5732120
Match 3Saturday 04 December 2021   Stopsley Common, Luton.   
Senior MenTimePointsPositionSenior LadiesTimePointsPosition
William Bray36:551249Nikki Elliott24:47729
Charlie Pughe39:1111617Emily Bray25:176714
Andrew Gray41:399142Emma Pughe26:385922
Oliver Newell42:418350Felicity Hindle27:564932
Mark Emmett45:295875Sue Graham30:003645
Kevin Parrey46:404687Hayley Parry32:572754
Adrian Parry49:0933100
Berwyn Prichard-Jones54:3113120
Match 2Saturday 13 November 2021   Teardrop Lakes, Milton Keynes.   
Senior MenTimePointsPositionSenior LadiesTimePointsPosition
Charlie Pughe36:1216319Emma Pughe26:469319
Andrew Gray39:1212854Felicity Hindle28:128230
Paul Ridgley39:2112656Anita James29:127042
Mark Emmett42:578696Hayley Parry34:382785
Kevin Parrey44:3958124
Adrian Parry46:4540142
Christian Plumb47:4436146
John Gulliver48:2930152
Darren Readman49:1927155
Berwyn Prichard-Jones51:0613169
Match 1Saturday 16 October 2021   Shotover Park, Oxford.   
Senior MenTimePointsPositionSenior LadiesTimePointsPosition
Daniel Williams36:1911323Emma Pughe26:526218
John Gulliver43:484393Steph Cook28:145525
Christian Plumb45:5632104Anita James29:284931
Darren Readman46:5628108Natasha Harrison30:104436
Berwyn Prichard-Jones50:1413123Anne Sprinz30:433842
Reg Koster54:375131

Tables 2021/22

NameMatch 1Match 2Match 3Match 4Match 5Grand TotalNumber of RacesBest 4 racesClub Ranking
Charlie Pughe01631161299250045001
Andrew Gray0128911108941844182
Mark Emmett08658675626742673
William Bray0012413710937033704
Oliver Newell0083978026032605
Adrian Parry0403336010931096
John Gulliver4330032010531057
Darren Readman28270014693698
Berwyn Prichard-Jones13131300393399
Duncan Green0005155106210610
Kevin Parrey0584600104210411
Christian Plumb32360006826812
Paul Ridgley0126000126112613
Daniel Williams1130000113111314
Reg Koster5000051515
NameMatch 1Match 2Match 3Match 4Match 5Grand TotalNumber of RacesBest 3 racesClub Ranking
Emma Pughe62935985C29942401
Felicity Hindle0824963A19431942
Hayley Parry0272734L883883
Steph Cook550065N12021204
Anita James497000C11921195
Natasha Harrison440053E972976
Nikki Elliot00720L721727
Emily Bray00670E671678
Anne Sprinz38000D381389
Sue Graham003603613610
Sarah Fish000262612611

Matches 2019/20

We had a very successful 2019/20 season in Division 2, here are some highlights from the overall results:

  • Overall Team: 9th out of 28
  • Male Overall Team: 8th out of 27
  • Female Overall Team: 6th out of 27
  • Seniors Overall Team: 7th out of 27
  • Dennis Orme Trophy: 4th most improved team
  • F35 Women: 1st Faye Sharpley
  • Senior Women: 2nd Sarah Green
  • F55 Women: 2nd Steph Cook
Match 1Saturday 12 October 2019   Shotover Park, Oxford.   
Senior MenTimePointsPositionSenior LadiesTimePointsPosition
Mark Emmett40:447574Faye Sharpley22:08935
Damian Stanley42:035693Sarah Green24:508612
John Stembridge King42:275198Rebecca Bullock26:497424
Adrian Parry42:295099Jenny Henshaw26:507325
Chris Linney42:5443106Steph Cook27:346632
John Gulliver42:5742107Anne Sprinz29:304454
Kevin Parrey43:1739110Sue Fallon33:061781
Adam Scragg43:2438111Claudia Scragg36:38791
Berwyn Prichard-Jones45:4226123Amanda Sturdy37:40593
Mark Barker46:3721128
Joseph Lynch47:0818131
Rick Smith49:3811138
Match 2Saturday 9th November 2019   Teardrop Lakes, Milton Keynes.   
Senior MenTimePointsPositionSenior LadiesTimePointsPosition
Oliver Newell37:2114719Emma Pughe26:489720
Charlie Pughe37:5814125Steph Cook28:207938
Mark Emmett42:578680Anne Sprinz30:255661
John Gulliver46:5144122Felicity Hindle32:023780
Adrian Parry47:4639127Lauren Walden34:282295
Darren Readman48:1236130Sue Fallon34:322097
Berwyn Prichard-Jones49:1331135Tamsin Blamey34:491899
Joseph Lynch50:5022144Amanda Sturdy36:2013104
Match 3Saturday 7th December 2019   Stopsley Common, Luton.   
Senior MenTimePointsPositionSenior LadiesTimePointsPosition
Oliver Newell37:0310715Faye Sharpley22:27764
Charlie Pughe37:519923Sarah Green24:116713
Mark Emmett43:205171Emma Pughe24:246416
John Gulliver45:084082Rebecca Bullock26:025327
Adrian Parry47:243092Steph Cook26:504634
Mark Barker48:352696Anne Sprinz27:323842
Berwyn Prichard-Jones49:132399Felicity Hindle27:433248
Rick Smith51:2013109Sue Fallon32:101169
Match 4Saturday 11th January 2020   Keysoe Equestrian Centre   
Senior MenTimePointsPositionSenior LadiesTimePointsPosition
Oliver Newell42:1910812Faye Sharpley26:03855
Charlie Pughe43:169723Sarah Green27:127911
Mark Emmett49:126159Emma Pughe28:107218
Duncan Green49:295763Steph Cook29:326129
John Stembridge53:203486Anne Sprinz30:594347
Adrian Parry53:513189Felicity Hindle32:493060
Berwyn Prichard-Jones56:512199Sue Fallon37:251476
Darren Readman58:1714106
Rick Smith59:359111
Match 5Saturday 8th February 2020   Campbell Park, Milton Keynes   
Senior MenTimePointsPositionSenior LadiesTimePointsPosition
Oliver Newell31:341296Faye Sharpley23:09921
Charlie Pughe33:0511813Sarah Green24:05892
Duncan Green36:228223Emma Pughe24:59817
Mark Emmett37:307317Steph Cook26:58682
John Stembridge39:515226Felicity Hindle28:164917
John Gulliver41:053932Anne Sprinz28:25484
Adrian Parry42:392537Sue Fallon34:141112
Adam Scragg44:012234Claudia Scragg38:58321
Berwyn Prichard-Jones45:251337

Tables 2019/20

NameMatch 1Match 2Match 3Match 4Match 5Grand TotalBest 4 racesClub Ranking
Oliver Newell01471071081294914911
Charlie Pughe014199971184554552
Mark Emmett75865161733462953
John Gulliver4244400391651654
Adrian Parry50393031251751505
Duncan Green00057821391396
John Stembridge King510034521371377
Berwyn Prichard-Jones26312321131141018
Adam Scragg380002260609
Damian Stanley560000565610
Darren Readman0360140505011
Mark Barker2102600474712
Chris Linney430000434313
Joseph Lynch1822000404014
Kevin Parrey390000393915
Rick Smith1101390333316
NameMatch 1Match 2Match 3Match 4Match 5Grand TotalBest 4 racesClub Ranking
Faye Sharpley9307685923463461
Sarah Green8606779893213212
Emma Pughe0976472813143143
Steph Cook66794661683202744
Anne Sprinz44563843482291915
Felicity Hindle0373230491481486
Rebecca Bullock74053001271277
Jenny Henshaw73000073738
Sue Fallon172011141173629
Lauren Walden022000222210
Tamsin Blamey018000181811
Amanda Sturdy513000181812
Claudia Scragg70003101013