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Freshers Championship

The Freshers Club Championship is new for 2022 and focused on encouraging newer runners to participate in timed events, race over the season and reward individual improvement during the year.

Points are earned at each event plus bonus points for each time you run a personal best (PB) time at either 5k or 10k distances, which you can do multiple times during the season. We don’t award points based on finishing order; everyone who finishes an event gets the same points, so participation and improvement are rewarded.

The events are a mix of local Parkruns, Thame Runners club timed events and also Club Championship 10k and 5k events (which also means participants earn points in Division 2 as well)

We award a trophy after the end of the season to the top 3 points scorers, who will be those who ran events and scored multiple PBs so your performance is entirely in your hands!


7 pts for each timed 5k run or race

3 pts for each 5k personal best

10 pts for each 10k race completed

5 pts for each 10k personal best

5 bonus points for participating in 8 events or more


Thame Runners Club Championship rules apply except that the first race at each distance will set the benchmark time from which PBs are calculated. PBs are valid for 3 years (same rules as Club Champs) & there are no limits on the number of PBs during the championship season.

2023 Table

Pos.NameTotal Race PointsBonus PointsNumber of EventsPoints
(Best of 8)
Total Points
1Janette Dixon731710
2Karl Springthorpe70177
2Jacqueline Denham70177
2Hayley Swayne70177
2Sharon Burtenshaw70177
2Nick Shott70177
2Mark Willis70177
2Andrew Burtenshaw70177

2023 Race Results

Event 1Bicester Parkrun 5KSaturday 4 February263 finishers
PositionNameChip TimeC.B.Points
45Andrew Burtenshaw23.47New7
102Nick Shott26.257
106Mark Willis26.30New7
148Karl Springthorpe29.18New7
206Jacqueline Denham34.36New7
213Hayley Swayne35.03New7
214Sharon Burtenshaw35.09New7
216Janette Dixon35.23Yes10

2022 Table

Pos.NameTotal Race PointsBonus PointsNumber of EventsPoints
(Best of 8)
Total Points
1Amanda Mitchell782497195
2Adam Scragg38353841
3Nick Shott34043434
4Claudia Scragg21332124
5Chris Haighton21032121
5Kate Paver21032121
6Jenny Willis14321417
6Janette Dixon17021717
7Sam Baillet14021414
8Rachel Stafford70177
8Andrew Pitman70177
8Debs Salisbury70177
8Ella Simms70177
8Claire Gilding-Brant70177

2022 Race Results

Event 12Aylesbury Parkrun 5KSaturday 10 December120 finishers
52Nick Shott27.377
Event 11Bierton 10KSunday 20 November122 finishers
PositionNameChip TimeC.B.Points
94Amanda Mitchell59.42Yes15
Event 10Horspath Parkrun 5KSaturday 22 October112 finishers
PositionNameChip TimeC.B.Points
60Amanda Mitchell28.54Yes10
Event 9Aylesbury Parkrun 5KSaturday 17 September202 finishers
PositionNameChip TimeC.B.Points
118Amanda Mitchell29.10Yes10
Event 8Wendover Parkrun 5KSaturday 20 August145 finishers
PositionNameChip TimeC.B.Points
43Adam Scragg26.107
135Claudia Scragg42.137
Event 7Waddesdon 5KWednesday 20 July222 finishers
PositionNameChip TimeC.B.Points
169Andrew Pitman27.16New7
177Debs Salisbury27.37New7
186Ella Simms28.34New7
199Amanda Mitchell31.017
214Claire Gilding-Brant34.51New7
Event 6Chalgrove 10KMonday 2 May362 finishers
PositionNameChip TimeC.B.Points
197Nick Shott55.1310
212Adam Scragg56.13New10
317Amanda Mitchell1.08.18Yes15
353Janette Dixon1.19.38New10
Event 5Horspath Park Run 5kSaturday 23 April108 finishers
PositionNameChip TimeC.B.Points
88Amanda Mitchell31.447
Event 4Aylesbury Park Run 5kSaturday 26 March228 finishers
PositionNameChip TimeC.B.Points
107Adam Scragg27.44Yes10
118Jenny Willis28.13Yes10
124Chris Haighton29.127
139Kate Paver30.177
173Amanda Mitchell30.55Yes10
189Janette Dixon38.17New7
Event 3Goring 10KSunday 20 March480 finishers
PositionNameChip TimeC.B.Points
244Nick Shott54.25New10
447Amanda Mitchell1.10.53New10
Event 2Horspath Park Run 5kSaturday 19 February222 finishers
PositionNameChip TimeC.B.Points
51Chris Haighton23.087
143Jenny Willis29.56New7
146Sam Baillet30.037
151Adam Scragg30.377
160Kate Paver31.147
213Claudia Scragg39.33Yes10
Event 1Aylesbury Park Run 5kSaturday 22 January190 finishers
PositionNameChip TimeC.B.Points
33Chris Haighton23.05New7
70Nick Shott25.42New7
108Adam Scragg29.20New7
116Sam Baillet29.51New7
119Kate Paver29.56New7
134Amanda Mitchell31.55New7
173Rachel Stafford36.49New7
189Claudia Scragg47.12New7