Race Overview

Update 24 January 2021 – The organising committee currently feel that running the race on Sunday 27th June 2021 may be still doubtful for all adults to safely compete. At the moment we are provisionally planning the race to go ahead on Sunday 5th September 2021. We will confirm this on 1st March 2021 and will then start taking new entries in addition to the 297 who deferred from 2021.

When we do open up for more entries, we will initially limit the total number of entrants to 600 instead of our normal 1000 limit,. This so we can better distance runners at the start. However, if in the coming months it appears we can safely increase our limit above 600, we will do so.

The Thame 10km Road Race was initially set up as a charity fund raiser and Thame Runners have continued to keep this tradition after taking over the race organisation some 35 years ago. In the past few years, some £5000 p.a. of the race profits have been allocated to a range of local charities. The race has a contingency fund to ensure we could pay our bills in a disaster year. However, we felt that this was overfunded and the committee decided to take £3000 out of that fund to allocated to local charities in 2020 as in this Covid-19 year, as it was felt that charities have suffered due to lack of sports sponsorship events. That money will be distributed in September.

Thame 10k Course