Race Overview

Note 31 August 2020 – It was with great regret that the race committee had to first postpone the annual race to September and then to have to take the decision that this revised date was not possible. So all entrants were offered the option of a refund minus the £1 card processing fee we cannot recover, or to transfer to next year’s race 27 June 2021. Nearly 300 have transferred to 2021.

The Thame 10km Road Race was initially set up as a charity fund raiser and Thame Runners have continued to keep this tradition after taking over the race organisation some 35 years ago. In the past few years, some £5000 p.a. of the race profits have been allocated to a range of local charities. The race has a contingency fund to ensure we could pay our bills in a disaster year. However, we felt that this was overfunded and the committee decided to take £3000 out of that fund to allocated to local charities in 2020 as in this Covid-19 year, as it was felt that charities have suffered due to lack of sports sponsorship events. That money will be distributed in September.

Thame 10k Course