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Selected Other Results 2021/22

Naked Run 06 June 2022

Spring Stagger 20 April 2022

Naked Run 11 April 2022

Dusk Dash 5K 15 September 2021

The Covid Canter 5K 23 June 2021

Jenny Willis33.000.0030.2530.25-2.35120
Mandy Mitchell33.000.0030.3230.32-2.28221
Mark Willis28.005.0031.0426.04-1.56314
Ben Bennett28.005.0031.1126.11-1.49415
Sue Graham26.007.0031.1524.15-1.4558
Reg Koster27.006.0031.2525.25-1.35612
Daniel Williams19.0014.0031.3317.33-1.2771
Tom Edgington27.006.0031.4225.42-1.18813
Mark Barker24.009.0032.0323.03-0.5796
Kevin Parrey22.0011.0032.0821.08-0.52104
Rachel Stafford33.000.0032.1132.11-0.491122
Helen Oster28.005.0032.2527.25-0.351218
Anne Sprinz25.008.0032.2524.25-0.35129
Nikki Elliott21.0012.0032.3020.30-0.30143
Darren Readman24.009.0032.5223.52-0.08157
Darren Kuypers19.0014.0032.5618.56-0.04162
Nick Shott25.008.0032.5624.56-0.041610
David Finch27.006.0032.5926.59-0.011817
Phil Edgar22.0011.0033.1222.120.12195
Katie Paver33.000.0033.2733.270.272023
Michelle Duffy33.005.0033.2733.270.272019
Andrew Misseldine25.008.0034.2426.241.242216
Linda Nelson33.000.0035.4735.472.472324
Mike Clamp22.0011.0036.2425.243.242411
Renata Barber33.000.0036.5536.553.552525
Lana Bosley33.000.0036.5536.553.552525
Philippa Mummery33.000.0037.3737.374.372727
Debbie Blair33.000.0038.4538.455.452828
Janette Dixon33.000.0038.4538.455.452828
Timekeeper:-Rod LaversSpottersAndrew NewtonPacers for L210K group
Recorder:-Graham TurnerRay CoxLansing Button & Christine Jakeman

June Fast Mile Challenge

Final Results Table – updated June 30th

Well done to everyone who took part in the Fast Mile challenge some great performances and excellent results. Our winner for the Ladies is Steph Cook who posted an impressive 6:49 which was the 4th fastest time overall and once age-grading is factored in the time becomes a mighty impressive 5:14. John Gulliver wins it for the men in what became a tightly contested leaderboard, posting a very strong 6:01 which translates to an amazing 4:58 for the mile.

During the continuing Covid-19 social distancing restrictions we are running a June Fast Mile Challenge to keep everyone motivated! If you are a club member or a local runner or someone who has just started to get out of the house, you are very welcome to take part! To ensure an even competition we are age grading and holding both mens and ladies results, so it’s all to play for!

The Challenge will operate within the boundaries of the current Government restrictions, so you will be running solo or with family members on any suitable route in your local area that enables you to run for a fixed 1 mile distance, ideally on a flat open course that will enable you to maintain your speed. Be sure to include a gentle warm-up for at least 10 minutes and begin to get used to running faster with Strides (20 sec faster running with 40 sec easy run for recovery) before you start your 1 mile effort. Don’t forget to cool-down with a gentle jog too.

Simply record your fastest 1 mile running time using your watch, Garmin, Phone/Strava etc and email your time to In your first email, simply include your age group, town/village and the date / distance of your run. A screen shot of your run would be perfect. Age grading will be done in 5yr bands for those over 40, so M40/F40 will be for those aged 40-44, M45/F45 for those 45-49 etc, and for those fortunate to have not hit that milestone as yet then MSEN/FSEN is your category.

We will work out your adjusted time for age and put a table of people’s actual and adjusted times on our website under results. We hope this is a fun challenge to encourage individuals but also it brings the club and local runners together in sharing results.

The challenge will run for the whole of June and you can submit times multiple timed runs, so we hope this provides a goal to focus on while we can’t run together. We encourage you to take part and hope you enjoy sharing a goal with other runners.

Any questions, please email Andrew at

Method: We are using the Howardgrubb calculation on age and sex adjustment for the 1 mile times. It was decided to do this in 5 year bands so we are using the mid range age in a 5 year band – so if you are in the 45-49 age group, we use 47 as the age for all in that band, if you are in 50-54 we use 52etc. Also note that this age calculator is based on being relative to the world’s fastest male or female time relative to your gender – so a raw 25 minute time for a male will be adjusted lower than a female doing 25 minutes. Bear in mind this is just a fun, low-key event where the real challenge is with yourself.

May Virtual 5k & 10k Resul

Open Challenge (Members and non-Members) to 31 May with all PBs

Thame Runners Members Challenge – Round 2 to 17th May

Thame Runners Members Challenge – Round 1 to 3rd May