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Club Championship Results

These are the results of the races for the Club Championship 2022. Please see the Club Championship Rules for details on how points are allocated etc. ( * indicates CB already set this season).

Event 5Chalgrove 10K Monday 2 May 362 finishers 
PositionNameDivisionChip TimeC.B.Points
18Tom BroughtonM239.08Yes15
51Damian StanleyM143.49Yes15
79Christian PlumbM246.20New9
88Steph CookL147.3110
89Mark EmmettM147.419
103Victoria Inglis-SmithL248.4410
108Adrian ParryM249.11Yes13
142Nick LowenM251.05New7
184Sarah FishL254.049
197Nick ShottM255.136
201Reg KosterM255.385
212Adam ScraggM156.138
305Samantha ProbetsL21.05.27New8
317Amanda MitchellL21.08.18Yes12
353Janette DixonL21.19.38New6
Event 4Maidenhead 10M Friday 15 April 765 finishers 
PositionNameDivisionChip TimeC.B.Points
53Tom CrowleyM21.02.59New10
80Tom BroughtonM21.05.09New9
141Andrew NewtonM11.09.4310
234Damian StanleyM11.15.579
303Mark EmmettM11.20.398
356Dan AdamsM11.23.34New7
464Nick LowenM21.29.23New8
466Natalie BlissL21.29.45New10
477David FinchM21.30.00New7
Event 3Goring 10K Sunday 20 March 480 finishers 
PositionNameDivisionChip TimeC.B.Points
2Will BrayM234.35New10
20Tom CrowleyM239.38New9
25Tom BroughtonM240.058
66Andrew NewtonM144.2710
67Dave MatthewsM244.28New7
88Damian StanleyM146.029
115Mark EmmettM147.248
136John GulliverM148.377
191David FinchM252.06New6
231Sarah FishL253.42New10
244Nick ShottM254.25New5
447Amanda MitchellL21.10.53New9
Event 2Wokingham Half Sunday 27 February 2694 finishers 
PositionNameDivisionChip TimeC.B.Points
425Tom BroughtonM21.26.30Yes15
542Andrew NewtonM11.29.2910
901Damian StanleyM11.38.40Yes14
1044Mark EmmettM11.41.348
1297Sarah Del TozzottoL21.47.34New10
1517Mark BarkerM11.51.417
1589Chris DaviesM21.53.18New9
1595Anita JamesL21.53.35New9
1653Natalie BlissL21.55.36New8
1813Nick LowenM21.58.17New8
1921Nick ShottM22.00.37New7
Event 1Woodcote 10K Sunday 9 January 329 finishers 
PositionNameDivisionChip TimeC.B.Points
32Tom BroughtonM240.5410
72Nick MaugerM245.18New9
76Damian StanleyM145.3410
90Mark EmmettM146.469
John GulliverM147.388
167Mark BarkerM152.247
237Reg KosterM258.348