Training and Races


Monday Easy Run
Our Monday Club Run is an easy paced run of between 4 and 5 miles with multiple stops which is suitable for runners of most abilities. This is the best session for new members to come along to, as it’s a steady, sociable run and we make sure no-one gets left behind! If you can run 4 miles at 12 minute/mile pace or faster, then this is a great session for you. If you are not sure of your ability to keep up with this group, there is a measured 5000m (around 3 miles) on the Phoenix Trail starting just behind Thame Leisure Centre. Set your watch from the start (0m on the path and sign post on the right) and run to the 2500m and back. If you can do this in 36 minutes or less, than the Monday night pace is right for you. Other 36 minutes and you may want to join our beginners/improvers sessions on other evenings.

Intervals – Tuesday bi-weekly
Our bi-weekly Intervals training session is focused on develop short distance speed, for runners of all abilities. We usually run 8-12 repeats of distances between 200-1000m on a 400m track in the summer and around street lit routes in the winter. We meet at Racquets and depart at 7pm.

Wednesday Club Run – Winter
Our regular Wednesday Club Run starts at Racquets as is normally run around the street-lit areas of Thame, although we sometimes do torchlight runs too along the Phoenix Trail to mix it up. The group typically run between 6-7 miles in about 1hr, so if you run at 8.00-8.30 minutes per mile pace or faster this is a great session for you. In the summer we run in the local countryside from a different pub each week.

Wednesday SWET Runs – Summer
Once the nights are light enough, we run the tracks and trails in our beautiful countryside, a local pub at 7pm then running trails and tracks for about an hour and finishing with a drink for those who want to socialise. We have two groups a 4-5 mile slower pace and 6-7 mile faster pace with regular re-groups to make sure no one gets lost!

Tempo Runs – Thursday bi-weekly
Our bi-weekly Tempo Runs are a great way to build up consistent running pace for runners who want to run faster 5k, 10k or longer distance races. After warming up, the goal is to run between 20-30 min at threshold pace and typically between 2-4 miles for most runners. The session is suitable for runners of all abilities.

Sunday Morning Run
Our Sunday Long Runs are typically 10-11 miles long, and usually start at Racquets in Thame or the Village Centre in Chinnor and are a mix or road and trail. They are a great opportunity to build your distance and exploring our beautiful countryside while chatting to other runners!

1st & 3rd Sunday of month – start at Chinnor Village Centre
2nd & 4th Sunday of month – start at Racquets Thame
5th Sunday (when occurs) – start at Hill Road Car Park Watlington

Run locations can change, so members ensure you are on our email list or WhatsApp group. We welcome guest runners, so if you want to join us please email in advance!